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There are several categories, or areas of interest, on this site and, in each category, a variety of essays.

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Immediately below is a short description of the categories: 

1. A presentation of my twelve books.

2. An Introduction to Process Philosophy and the thought of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne.


3. HyC Adventures . . . HyC Adventures?


I was playing with words when I first used the expression “This has been a HyC Adventure” as a postscript to an email I sent to a friend. HyC is, of course, an abbreviation of my name: Hyatt Carter. HyC also brings to mind High Sea and, more to the point, High See, an allusion to adventures in the science and the poetics of perception. High C is also a note on the musical scale to which operatic singers, such as Pavarotti, aspire to soar and sustain. Sí is the Spanish word for “yes,” making High Sí a robust affirmation of life, while Hi Si provides a foreglimpse, up there, way up there, of High Sierra. Do you see? Hum the sound Hy and you will end with an I. Ah, I see. Eye see.


4. Zen Buddhism


Whitehead’s philosophy shares important points of affinity with Buddhism. For example, one of his most fundamental concepts, creativity, is very near to what the Buddhists call dependent co-arising. And Paul Knitter, a professor at Union Theological Seminary, has written a book with a title that may make some of you stop and wonder: Without Buddha I Could Not Be a Christian. I have been looking into Zen Buddhism for many years and find, like Knitter, that it has much to offer as a complementary path to Christianity. Our Buddhist friends can help us to see some things we might otherwise have missed. Much of what I present here concerns the work and life of Eihei Dogen, the great Zen Master who founded Soto Zen in Japan.

5. Digital Dogen

The complete Chinese text of Volumes One through Ten of Dogen's Eihei Koroku (永平廣錄) is now on this site in this section. So far as I can tell from online searches, the digital Chinese text of Eihei Koroku is not available anywhere else on the internet. This is, therefore, a Dogen debut.

Also: the complete Chinese text of Dogen's Hokyoki and the Japanese text of Book One of the Zuimonki.


6. Chiasmus: The Beauty of Structure


My essays explore the concept of “chiasmus” not only as a figure of speech but also, and more importantly, as a figure of thought. I show how the concept can be generalized beyond its literary meaning and that chiasmus, and the way it turns things around, is a powerful conceptual tool that enhances the poetics of perception. 

7. Levity and Ludibundity

Levity . . . "like that waterfall on the upper Suli Gad that turns to mist before touching the earth and rises once again into the sky." "And you can fly, high as a kite, if you want to, faster than light, if you want to." Ludibundity . . . "Nobirdy aviar soar anywing to eagle it!"


*       *       *

The titles, according to category, of all the essays (and "pieces") on this site:


Process Philosophy

 Process Thought: The Adventurous Frontier
The pH Factor

 Hartshorne’s 42 Philosophical Discoveries
 Goethe's Process Poem
 Hartshorne's New Book: A Cause for Celebration
 The Many and the One
 Bertrand Russell's "Portrait" of Whitehead
 Special Focus on Charles Hartshorne
 Table of Contents: The Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce
 Hartshorne Entries in The Encyclopedia of Religion
 A Logic of Ultimate Contrasts


HyC Adventures


 Dolphins: The Way of Rings
 Curves of Thought

 Slender Gold: Emperor Huizong’s Brush with Beauty
 HCE in Finnegans Wake
 The Happiness of Fish
 Urrutia's 1767 Map of Santa Fe
 Evolution of the Word in Paul and the Four Gospels

Zen Buddhism

 Zen Koans

 Four 12th-Century Zen Letters

 Dogen’s Metaphors of Enlightenment

 The Unbearable Lightness of Zen
 Dogen Preaches on Nonduality
 Dogen's Fukanzazengi: A Tale of Three Texts
 Two Zen Cooks Show Dogen the Way
 The Karma of Words: A Poem by Bai Juyi

Digital Dogen
 EK = Eihei Koroku (永平廣錄)
 EK Vol 01 Dogen's Jodo (126 Zen Sermons) Chinese Text
 EK Vol 02 Dogen's Jodo (58 Zen Sermons) Chinese Text
 EK Vol 03 Dogen's Jodo (73 Zen Sermons) Chinese Text

 EK Vol 04 Dogen's Jodo (88 Zen Sermons) Chinese Text
 EK Vol 05 Dogen's Jodo (68 Zen Sermons) Chinese Text
EK Vol 06 Dogen's Jodo (57 Zen Sermons) Chinese Text
 EK Vol 07 Dogen's Jodo (61 Zen Sermons) Chinese Text
 EK Vol 08 Dogen's 20 Shosan (Informal Talks) Chinese Text
 EK Vol 08 Dogen's 14 Hogo (Dharma Words) Chinese Text
 EK Vol 08 Dogen's Fukanzazengi - Chinese Text
 EK Vol 09 Dogen's Juko (Verses for 95 Ancient Koans) Chinese Text
 EK Vol 10 Dogen's 5 Shinsan - Chinese Text
 EK Vol 10 Dogen's 20 Jisan - Chinese Text
 EK Vol 10 Dogen's 125 Geju - Chinese Text
 Dogen's Hokyoki - Chinese Text
 Dogen's Tenzo Kyokun - Chinese Text
 Dogen's Zuimonki - Book One - Japanese Text

 Chiasmus: An Introduction
 Iconic Reading: A New Way of Seeing
 Whitehead's Use of Chiasmus in Process and Reality
 25 Chiasmi by Eihei Dogen
 The Gospel of John: A Miracle of Composition
Amazing Literary Grace: St. Paul's Hymn to Love
 Beauty of Structure in the Four Gospels
 Numerous and Numinous: Dogen's Use of Chiasmus in Shobogenzo


 Levity and Ludibundity
 My Interview with René Magritte
Zen: Missouri Style
 Butterfly Dream
 T. S. Eliot and Stilton Cheese
 Antic Ode
 The Goddamn Particle
 Hauntology or Ontology?
 Why Can't a Repub Be More Like a Dem?
 The Unbearable Lightness of Being
 Sublimity of Structure: The Bombardier Beetle
 G.B. Shaw's Play, MisallianceSanta Fe Community Theatre 1965 
 Who Came First?
 Wittgenstein's Dust of Snow
 Chaim Yankel
 Jocoserious Joyce
 Jewish Wry
 The Bunt
 Down and Out with Millionaires


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