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The Way, in its symbolic splendor, is not merely one but also a mosaic of metaphors. To use a celestial metaphor, the Way, as a whole, is a constellation of many parts, or ways. In my presentation of the Way, the title of each chapter features the word “way,” but with varieties of metaphoric reference, thus presenting the reader with sixteen ways, or teachings, within the Way itself.


The way he proposed, the truth he proclaimed, the new life he promised—these were all present in the person of Jesus. The possibilities he put before others for attainment were not abstractions, but were actualities in his own life. He was a living ideal they could look up to. As Edith Hamilton says, “He was what he taught.”


Since Jesus said, “I am the Way,” to look into these ways is a way of looking into Jesus. Moreover, as one chapter suggests, not only are there ways to look into Jesus, there are ways to look out upon the world as Jesus, to behold the Way through the eyes of Jesus.


Is it not said, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”



Table of Contents



1. The Way of Metaphor

2. On the Way

3. What Is This Way?

4. Two Ways of Believing

5. Jesus—the Only Way?

5. The Open Way

7. The Way Out

8. The Way into the Kingdom

9. Pre- and Post-Easter Ways

10. On the Way to Emmaus

11. The Way from Athens to Galilee

12. Ways of Speaking from the Depths

13. Fourfold Ways

14. Beholding the Way Through the Eyes of Jesus

15. The Greek Letter Chi Illumines the Way

16. The Way Made Flesh









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