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Some Little Night Musings

This book is founded on a pun.
The pun, or play on words, involves a famous composition by Mozart that is still enjoyed all over the world: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik—A Little Night Music. Here’s how it came about:
One night I was composing an email that developed a certain idea that I wanted to share with a friend. When I wrote the last sentence, I stopped to wonder how I might close with a clever line or concluding thought. And, at that moment, this phrase simply floated in out of the blue into my mind—
Eine Kleine Nachtmusing
Since it was night, and I had been musing, and since the email was short, or klein, the phrase, A Little Night Musing, seemed ideally appropriate and I cherished this gift of the Muse.
And so, at the end of the email, I put this line:
This has been . . . Eine Kleine Nachtmusing.
It then occurred to me that a collection of these little night musings might, in sufficient number, make a book. Since there would be more than one, I decided to use Some Little Night Musings as the title. In German this would be Einige Kleinen Nachtmusings.

This is a collection of essays in miniature, tidbits, vignettes, nocturnes, ludibundities, and other late-night musings, musical or otherwise. For reasons the book will make clear, I initially organized the book into four parts with 34 musings in each part, for a total of 136.  However, it then struck me that this was just one number shy of the magical mysterious number 137, a number that has enchanted so many physicists, including Nobel laureate Richard Feynman. In light of this, I added one final musing at the end. For the aesthetics of variety I have also included some longer pieces.
I was also playing with words when I first used the expression “This has been a HyC Adventure” as a postscript to a little piece I posted on my website. HyC brings to mind High Sea and, more to the point, High See, an allusion to adventures in the science and the poetics of perception. High C is also a note on the musical scale to which operatic singers, such as Pavarotti, aspire to soar and sustain. Sí is the Spanish word for “yes,” making High Sí a robust affirmation of life, while Hi Si provides a foreglimpse, up there, way up there, of High Sierra. Do you see? Hum the sound Hy and you will end with an I. Ah, I see. Eye see. Hum Hy and then the sound of the letter C and your voice will end on the letter E, and thus HCE, the subject of my fourth musing.
The above paragraph is an example of what I call ludibundity: feeling full of play and light with levity. The lud- in this word derives from ludere, a Latin word meaning “to play.” When we are in such a ludic state, we can live up to, and liven up to, what we are as Homo ludens—creatures who play, creatures who can be a-mused.
Is a pun sufficient ground on which to build a book? As the great Irish novelist James Joyce observed, the Catholic church was founded on a pun. He was referring to a decisive moment when Jesus said to Peter: “You are Peter (Petros) and upon this rock (petra) I will build my church.”
Upon this pun, Eine Kleine Nachtmusing, I have built my book.

Part One Part Two

1. “Every Day Is a Good Day”

2. Mozartian Moments

3. Who’s There?

4. HCE

5. Seeing Through the I’s of Jesus

6. Kiss Me, Kate

7. Process Koan 01

8. Trivia (poem)

9. High Seas

10. Meta-Fours

11. Conversations with Rod

12. Does God Have a Future?

13. There Is Only One . . . What?

14. What Do You Have in Mind?

15. True-Shmue—Is It Interesting?

16. No-No Nse-Nse

17. Bacteria as Genetic Engineers

18. The Zen  Koan

19. The Einstein of Religious Thought

20. Chiasmus: The X Files

21. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

22. Down and Out with Millionaires

23. Processing Religious Science

24. Make It New

25. Assaying Fibonacci’s Golden Section

26. The Psychoanalysis of Knowledge

27. Buddhologian

28. Growing the Positive Mind

29. Process and Presence (poem)

30. Natural-Born Process Thinkers

31. Misplaced Transcendence

32. Donkeys and Elephants

33. A Process Quote to Rival Heraclitus

34. Houn Dawg 34

35. Flowers of Emptiness

36. The Uncertainty Principle
37. The Human-Insect Connection
38. Nickel Hall: Eine Kleine Sehnsucht
39. One Brain But Many Rhythms
40. Rhythms Right Under Your Nose
41. Give Us This Day Our Daily Rhythms
42. Mastering the Rhythms of Breath
43. Your Body's The Deepest Rhythms
44. Expansion and Contraction
45. Dogenisms
46. Chiasmus: Turning Things Around
47. Particulars Tomorrow
48. Levity
49. Ludibundity
50. Meta-Fours à la David Spooner
51. Hugh Kenner Shows Me

52. Yes, That Mr. Spock
53. Process Koan 02
54. Gnostalgia
55. Heraclitus and Parmenides
56. The Consolations of Philosophy 

57. Sea Change (poem)
58. The Order of Actualization
59. Goethe as Process Thinker
60. Jetzterday
61. Jest du Jour

62. Show Me
63. Performative
64. What’ll It Be: Wine or Tea?

65. A Guide for the Perplexed

66. “I Believe”

67. A Golden Trinity of Values
68. Magritte: The Human Condition

Part Three Part Four

69. Moondrops in Dewlight


71. Are You a MAD Scientist?

72. Better Late Than Never

73. Blink Blink Blink — Blank

74. Blumenlied of the Penisolate Rose

75. Something from Nothing?

76. Decentering

77. A Dozen Delusions

78. Eucharistic Watercolor (poem)

79. Christianity: The Chi Connection

80. Hardy, Hopkins, Housman

81. Is Life Worth Leaving?

82. Super-Slow Reading

83. Learning How to See

84. A Man’s Reach

85. The Many Become One

86. Meta-Fours: A Quartet for Wind

87. The Path of Sound

88. Integral Spirituality

89. Playing Around with Chinese

90. Photons

91. Prima Donna (poem)

92. Primordial Trailblazers

93. Prometheo: The First Mystic

94. Process Koan 03

95. The Quimby Hypothesis

96. Shikantaza

97. Hallmark Spirituality

98. Such Stuff as Snowflakes . . .

99. A Prophet Puts Chi on the Map

100. Variations on “Dust of Snow”

101. Prehensive Unification

102. A Quartet of Quantum Numbers

103. Varieties of Chiasmic Experience

104. Chiasmus 101

105. Chiasmus 202

106. Chiasmus 303

107. Chiasmus 404

108. Chiasmus M.A.

109. Chiasmus PhD

110. Chiasmus Post Doc

111. You (poem)

112. Eine Kleine Knotmusing

113. A Process Joke

114. Doings That Be

115. Creativity: A Process Perspective

116. It’s Not Crazy Enough

117. Language of Transcendence

118. The Structure of Christian Existence

119. My Stargate Connection

120. What Is Truth?

121. Pauli’s Conversation with God

122. What’s the Fuss?

123. Hakuin and the Zen Koan

124. Creative Eurekas

125. Neo-Darwinian Evolution

126. Process Koan 04

127. Picasso and the Stealth Bomber

128. Meet Your Match Shtick

129. Antiphonal (poem)

130. The Dawn of Language

131. Whitehead: The Sixth Day

132. Language Samadhi

133. The Bread of Life Chiasmus

134. Iconic Reading   

135. An Odyssey in Space and Time

136. The Magic Number 34




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