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Antic Ode





Voilà—an antic and ontic ode, conceived in the spirit of ludibundity, wherein I play with names and rhymes:



 Antic Ode


The man with catarrh

Who strums a guitar

 Sneezes, and evens

The score with Stevens.


Abiding in stone—a 

Girl—one of your Mona

 Lisas, that old floozy

Who embraced Brancusi.


A chap with no salary

Now framed in the gallery

 Wheezes: gutturals basso

Profundo chez Picasso.


The blind mole . . . —featly quilled ere a

Player fluffed that line of Peri-

 Cles’s—undermines the fresco

Engineered by Ionesco.


Hearken, yes—but don’t get mellow. De-

Mur when the too tuneful melody

 Teases—unless as sagely batty

As . . . nightingales of Erik Satie.








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